The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) is a coalition of organizations that work together to help keep children safe on the farm. These organizations represent the agricultural community, child injury prevention, minority-serving associations and related industry organizations.

July’s Safety Message

Stay Hydrated this Summer! 2015 CASN calendar July

Young family members often start their work day already dehydrated. For example, some youth come home from an intensive sports practice and start their farm work.


Thirst is NOT a reliable indicator of hydration status. By the time you are thirsty, you are likely already dehydrated.

Teach your child how to monitor their hydration status by the color of their urine. Clear or light yellow urine color means they are staying hydrated.

Important tips

• Drink water every 15 minutes

• Water should be easily accessible

• Avoid caffeine and sugar filled drinks

• Rest in the shade to cool down

• Wear a hat and light-colored clothing

• Do strenuous tasks in the morning or evening

• Learn the signs of heat illness

• Download the free OSHA heat index app

Signs of dehydration and heat illness

• Moderate dehydration symptoms (begin hydration immediately)

– low grade headache

– fatigue

• Severe dehydration symptoms (seek immediate medical attention)

– light-headed – nausea

– inability to sweat – chills

– increased heart rate




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