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The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) was formed to strengthen partnerships and collaborations of national organizations dedicated to keeping children safe on the farm. These organizations represent the agricultural community, child injury prevention, and minority-serving associations.

The mission of CASN is to "set a vision and provide leadership and coordination of childhood agricultural injury prevention efforts in a manner that is both geographically and ethnically diverse".

Keep Kids Away From Tractors - National Campaign

A child dies from injuries on a farm an average of once every 3.5 days. The most common situation involves a tractor. “Keep Kids Away from Tractors,” is the unified message of the Childhood Agricultural Safety Network. The campaign urges adults to think twice before allowing children 12-under to operate tractors or ride on them.

Media Release

“It’s easier to bury a tradition than a child tractor campaign

Controversial tractor campaign takes ‘tough love’ approach with children

Recorded webinar

“Keep Kids Away from Tractors” and webinar slides

Presenters: Barbara Lee, Ph.D., Director, and Marsha Salzwedel, M.S., Agricultural Youth Safety Specialist, National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Co-Sponsored by AgriSafe and the Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN)

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