About Us

The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) was formed to strengthen partnerships and collaborations of national organizations dedicated to keeping children safe on the farm. These organizations represent the agricultural community, child injury prevention, and minority-serving associations. The mission of CASN is to “set a vision and provide leadership and coordination of childhood agricultural injury prevention efforts in a manner that is both geographically and ethnically diverse”.

Safety Group Works to Keep Farm Children Safe

2018 Group Photo

2018 Group Photo

The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network is a coalition of health and safety organizations across the nation. Since 2000, their purpose is to strengthen partnerships and collaborative efforts involving the agricultural community, child injury prevention organizations, and minority-serving associations that will improve and expand childhood agricultural injury prevention efforts.

Why is this important?

In the U.S., agriculture consistently ranks among the four deadliest jobs, along with mining, transportation and construction. According to the National Safety Council’s most recent report (2008), agriculture had the highest rate of worker deaths at 29.2/100,000 workers compared to an average across all jobs of 3.5 deaths/100,000 workers. And agricultural workers suffered 90,000 disabling injuries that same year. Nearly all these deaths and injuries are preventable. One of the main differences between agriculture and other industries is the presence of children in the worksite. Farming is typically a family business, where children are raised on the farm and participate in farming activities beginning at young ages. Annually, more than 100 children are killed and 23,000 seriously injured in farm-related events in the United States. Over the years, a growing number of organizations have identified the seriousness of these statistics and have promoted farm safety, especially for children. Across the country, they have created local or regional marketing programs addressing safety issues in farming communities. Now one unifying coalition, the Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN), speaks with one voice, advocating farm safety for children.