Children and Tractors: Myths, Facts, or “Other”

Children and Tractors: Myths, Facts, or “Other”

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Join us as we discuss the topic of children and tractors, starting at birth and moving up through adulthood. We will explore what we know, what we think we know, and what we don’t know, including the risks and benefits of children on the farm, some of the common “myths” associated with children and tractors, safety concerns of babies in tractors, how youth can work safely in and around tractors, what can be done to keep visitors safe around tractors and equipment, and resources that can be used to help safeguard children and youth around tractors.


University of Wisconsin – Marshfield Ag Research Station

University of Wisconsin

Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
M605 Drake Avenue
Stratford, WI  54484

Nancy M. Esser – Superintendent/Herd Manager
Office: 715-687-4624 ext 16
Cell: 715-650-7457
Email: nancy.esser@wisc.edu

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Mount Carmel College of Nursing
127 S. Davis Avenue
Columbus, OH 43222

Jill Kilanowski, PhD – Associate Dean Graduate Nursing Program
Phone: 614-560-1885
Email: jill.kilanowski@gmail.com

University of Wisconsin – Madison Population Health Institute

UW-Madison Population Health Institute

Sara Lindberg, PhD – Evaluation Research Group Director
610 Walnut Street, 575 WARF
Madison, WI  53726
Phone: 608-263-6294
Email: smlindberg@wisc.edu

Robin Moskowitz, JD – Associate Researcher
5901 Research Park Blvd  Room 107
Madison, WI 53719 -1244
Phone: 608-265-1421
Email: rlmoskowitz@wisc.edu

Andrea Raygor
Email: araygor@wisc.edu