Stand T.A.L.L. Talk. Ask. Learn. Live. Young Workers in Ag Webinars

Learning to Use the “Stand T.A.L.L.” Instructional Materials: A train the trainer webinar

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This “Train the Trainer” webinar will enable agricultural instructors, community members, safety professionals and others with an interest in agricultural safety to use the “Stand T.A.L.L.” instructional materials. The webinar explores the various components of the curriculum, including PowerPoint presentations, activities, lesson plans, student note pages, handouts, quizzes and more. Participants will understand when and how to use the various components of this comprehensive curriculum. At the end of the webinar, a website link is given that provides access to all the instructional materials.

Stand T.A.L.L. – Instructional materials to empower youth working in agriculture webinar

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Agriculture is a highly dangerous profession, even for adults. Working with grain increases the hazards and requires that workers are well trained and highly alert to these dangers. The “Stand T.A.L.L.” instructional materials empower young workers by helping them understand what they need to know about a job and encouraging them to ask questions if they don’t understand a task or are uncomfortable performing it. This webinar describes hazards commonly seen in the agricultural worksite, introduces the “Stand T.A.L.L.” materials and explains how and when they may be used to educate young workers, parents and employers.