Updates from Marsha


Below are some recent child ag injury incidents. Thanks to Mike Pate for sharing the first incident:



Manure pit traps 3-year-old under barn in Pennsylvania — ‘kind of like a quicksand’

Sacramento Bee

911 calls reported a 3 year old male had fallen into a manure pit on a farm and was unable to get out. The Incident Commander (Deputy 33) advised…




17 year old dies in incident involving tractor


It’s one of those calls you never forget’: First responders welcome home boy after farm accident

Channel3000.com – WISC-TV3

He is back home in Livingston after a month-long stay in the hospital, recovering from near-deadly injuries in a farm accident, where he was trampled …


To review a growing national collection of news articles reporting injuries and fatalities, please visit www.AgInjuryNews.org